Quinton E. Foreman is an artist raised on the south side of Chicago, Illinois.  With 6 siblings and a single mom, Quinton Foreman learned to be resourceful and imaginative. Often being the man of the house offered him little escape to childhood joys. He developed a love for art a young age, and  found a myriad of ways to express his creativity.

As a young adult he began experimenting with various art mediums. He is most famous for his groundbreaking work in stained glass. He continued to produce sculptures, paintings, jewelry, murals, and more. 

Quinton E. Foreman's art often displays the joys and sorrows of the black experience across the diaspora. Pushing the envelope to explore subject matter that makes us think, feel, and become immersed in his work.

Now, a world renowned artist, instructor, husband, father for four and grandfather of three, Quinton E. Foreman continues to create art and display art both virtually and in galleries globally.